Appliance Maintenance Tips

Properly maintaining your household GE Kitchen Aid or Kenmore appliances is the best way to ensure your home is safe and efficient.

Here are a couple of tips to help you avoid needing our appliance repair service!

Allow enough airflow behind the unit, to provide the ability for heat to escape. 2-3″
Airflow is very important for the unit to function correctly.
Close the door securely every time, Inspect seal occasionally.
For your GE, Whirlpool, or Kenmore Refrigerator filter change, please see video.

We receive calls daily regarding white build-up on dishware! But, don’t fret, it is something you can easily prevent.

Rinse your dishes to get most of the food particles off of the dishes to prevent food build up in the dishwasher.
When your dishwasher is not draining, make sure your new disposal’s drain plug is knocked out.

Washing machines:
Level your Kenmore or GE washing machine or dryer & $ave repair cost!
If you reside in Northern KY Call Premier Appliance Repair if you need assistance.
Make sure your pockets are empty before you throw the clothes in the appliance.

Clothes Dryer:
Clean the lint filter between each load.
Ensure the exhaust vent is not obstructed in any way, because the obstruction in the exhaust will create a high temperature.
If your clothes aren’t drying, make sure the selected drying cycle is not air-dry (cold air only takes much longer to dry clothes). This will save you a service trip!

Ranges and Ovens
Clean your range. Oven manuals are available online if yours has been misplaced
Especially if you have an electric oven make sure no spills are dripping into the heating element.
Ensure gas burners are cleaned regularly. If you prefer to have someone do it for you, give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our operators.

For smooth electric cooktops, make sure they are cleaned after every use.

Clean your GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore or major brand oven easily by hand, view this video.

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  1. Ivy Baker says:

    This is some really good information about appliances repair. I liked that you pointed out that it would be smart to clean your oven range. I am terrible at remembering to do that. It seems like it might be a good idea for me to get inspected to make sure that it is working properly even though I don’t take good care of it.

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