Avoiding a Sump Pump Disaster

Last time we covered a stealthy killer – dryer lint fires. Now it is time for us to enlighten you of another household appliance that needs routine maintenance to ensure the safety of your family.

That appliance is your sump pump. Yes, that’s right, the rarely noticed device sitting in your basement well. As a homeowner you must consider the damage that can be done by not checking that your sump pump is operating properly at all times. Otherwise, it will be too late as there will be no time to fix any issues while your basement is flooding.

We have recently discovered a cautionary tale about a business professional who did not have a finished basement and so never purchased a sump pump. One day he left for work with his dogs in their kennel down in the basement – sadly it began flooding during the day and he returned to find his dogs had drowned in the flooded basement. One way that you can prevent a tragedy such as this is to not only maintain a traditional sump pump but to purchase an additional that utilizes battery-power. That is the only way to know that you’ll be protected during a power outage or in the event that your standard sump pump fails unexpectedly.

If you need any assistance in this matter please call or email us and we will be happy to review your basement and test your sump pump for a nominal fee.