The Dangers of Dryer Fires

As a homeowner you want to keep your home and family safe – which is why we at Premier Maintenance & Appliance Repair want to get the word out about a secret killer. The clothes lint that collects in your dryer lint trap also builds up in the vent and in the dryer itself. This blend of cotton, hair, paper, and other fibers is extremely flammable.

To help combat this we are now offering a dryer vent cleaning service at an affordable price because we care about the safety of you and your family. But there are other routine maintenance tasks that you can perform to minimize the risk of a devastating, potentially deadly dryer fire in your home. Here are some tips courtesy of WikiHow on how to do that, but of course nothing compares to having one of our professional technicians do the job for you!

  1. Clean your lint screen. Always clean your lint screen right before you push the start button forĀ EVERY LOAD! Even if there is just a small amount of lint on the screen, clean it anyway. This is a good habit to get into.
  2. Check your vent hose. Make sure your vent hose is in good shape. If you have the white plastic vent hose, replace it now! It is not safe and has been outlawed. Use the aluminum type vent hose and make sure the length is as short as possible and not crushed or kinked.
  3. Clean your vent line regularly. It’s very important that the vent line (from the wall behind the dryer to the outside flap) is not restricted or clogged up with lint. This greatly increases your chance of a dryer fire. If you are unable to clean out this line yourself, call a professional. Many Chimney Sweep companies offer this service.
  4. Keep the area around the dryer clean. In the event that your dryer does have a lint fire, don’t give it more fuel to destroy your home. Make sure there are no articles of clothing, boxes, cleaning supplies, or anything else behind or around the dryer. You should also keep things off the top of the dryer.
  5. Clean the lint out of the inside of the dryer regularly. Your dryer needs to be opened up and vacuumed out periodically. Most dryers today are not easily accessible for the homeowner. Unless you know how to take your dryer apart and put it back together, you’ll need a technician to do this. Any time you have your dryer repaired, ask the technician to vacuum it out for you. He should be doing this anyway as part of the service.
  6. Make sure your gas line is in good shape. If you have a gas dryer you should check your gas line. If it looks old or questionable, you should replace it. Make sure when you push your dryer back into position, you don’t kink the line.

Here are some videos documenting some dryer fires so that you can better prepare yourself: